Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 1

So this is my blog, really a little bit of me. I am not qualified on much of anything, but I have my beliefs and opinions which I don't mind sharing w/you.
I have lived 65 years so I have picked up some experience along the way, been around the block, as they say.

Seven grandchildren later; 28 years in one career later; one drink away from a drunk later, one day at a time always.

Don't actually read a lot of blogs, mostly those I stumble upon, I like Patrick Madrid, some from the newsmakers and newscasters and some priests as well as Catholic laity.

There are somethings for which I stand strong; I am against abortion, no one except God has the right to terminate a fetus (child). I am against the death penalty -except- in some horrendous crimes and I have been known to falter and get wishy -washy on this. But overall I am against it.

They are the two things that are always on my mind and that must mean I am not strong against anything else, maybe oil exploration in the Antarctic , oil rigs in the oceans that are supposed to be leak proof, et cetera, et cetera. We all see what is going on with BP, and that was supposed to be fool-proof too!!!
Don't like greed of any kind! companies like Enron, Arthur Anderson and the banks that agreed to be greedy with Enron all the while Enron was making stupid choices. Read "Conspiracy of Fools" by Ken Eichenwald, you will pee you pants when you read what was going on, or may be I should say what wasn't going on before they imploded. All due to greed, and guess what it always comes back to bite you in the ass. Next one I am going to read is Serpent on the Rock by same author, its about Wall Street and the greedy deals done by Prudential a while back.

By the way I love to read, got a Nook from Barnes and Noble, I am constantly reading something, at times I read more than one book at a time, which I know is not a sign of being intellectual, just something we all do now and then.

so maybe now and then I will expound (ugh hate that word) maybe give my opinions on some things.

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